Foiye Community Guidelines

The Foiye platform and community

Foiye is a social entertainment platform dedicated to real estate and home-related content. We are a community of enthusiasts. And, to remain enthusiastic, we want to build an environment that is welcoming and inclusive. Now, just like households, communities work best when there are agreed-upon values and standards. At Foiye, we are committed to creating an aspirational space where everyone feels at home.

Foiye is a place for real estate and home enthusiasts!

Foiye is a platform exclusively for real estate and home-related content. What does that mean? Simply put, if it has to do with home or real estate, it probably belongs on Foiye!

At Foiye, we want you to share home-related content that inspires you - whether it’s real estate listings, photos of your interior design and renovation projects, or a video of your backyard landscaping transformation. Foiye is a community of enthusiasts like you - who want to discover and reimagine home.

We value what inspires you, and thank you in advance for sharing! We just ask that the content and conversations that happen on Foiye stay true to our core purpose and community.

Foiye is about kindness

The Foiye community values kindness and respect for fellow enthusiasts. We want all Foiye guests to feel welcome and comfortable in our home.

While it should go without saying, we’ll say it nonetheless - hateful, discriminatory, harassing, derogatory and inappropriate content does not belong on Foiye.

However, if we feel your contributions to Foiye aren't in keeping with these guidelines, we reserve the right to remove your contributions and, depending on the circumstances, suspend or remove your account as well.

Welcome to Foiye!